About the MENA Social Policy Network

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Social Policy Network was launched  in 2013 and is housed under the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath. The aim of the network is to coordinate information and events about social policy related issues in the MENA region.  Our interest is in issues of social justice and social welfare and in this, we are the first such network of our kind. The network is made up of a main group of academics based in various MENA universities, and coordinated by Dr Rana Jawad, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, who is based at Bath University and has led the initiative. Between us, we have a wealth of research experience on social policy issues in the MENA region. The network seeks to develop a knowledge base on social policy issues in the MENA region which can inform social action and policy development more broadly. It welcomes contributions from researchers, practitioners and policy-makers from around the world who have an interest in social justice and social welfare issues in MENA. The network will also disseminate information about key events related to social policy in the MENA and it will showcase cutting edge research and analysis on the topic. Join us at this critical time for the Middle East!