The #NeverOK project was launched at the University of Bath during Fresher's Week 2017. What have we achieved so far, and what do we still want to achieve in 2018?

The SU and the University of Bath successfully launched their campaign during Fresher's week. This included:

  • Training all the SU bar staff in conjunction with the Good Night Out campaign, to recognise and respond to sexual harassment and assault during SU nights out.
  • The Fresher's Week Event Managers then developed a Fresher's Night Out training course and delivered this to over 300 Fresher's Captains and Crew.
  • As part of induction, all incoming students (over 3,500) were introduced to the #NeverOK campaign, encouraged to act as bystanders within our community and shown the Blue Seat Studios video on consent:

  • Almost 3,000 #NeverOK badges were picked up by staff and students to show their support of the campaign
  • Posters were placed around campus encouraging students to speak out against sexual harassment and assault
  • Fridge magnets were placed in all student accommodation kitchens outlining behaviours that constitute sexual harassment and informing students on how to seek help.
  • Societies and Sports Clubs lent their support to the campaign during Fresher's week and continue to do so.

The University of Bath was also privileged to host two academics from the University of New Hampshire for a two-day training course in December, This was attended by a number of University of Bath and SU staff, as well as colleagues from other Universities across the UK. The course allowed all attendees to become 'Train-the-Trainers' for UNH's world-renowned Bringing in the Bystander programme. This programme is aimed specifically at University students and staff, and teaches attendees how to become safe and effective bystanders in cases of sexual harassment, assault and relationship violence. Look out for opportunities to take part in this 90 minute training course throughout 2018 and beyond.

Ongoing work:

There are several pieces of work that begun in 2017 which we hope to have finalised in the next few months:

  • A comprehensive, stand-alone online reporting tool for students and staff.
  • Further, specialist training for support staff on how to support students who experience sexual harassment or assault.
  • Updated information for all staff on how to listen to a disclosure from a student and where to signpost these students for specialist support - training will also be offered to staff.
  • The Bringing in the Bystander course being offered widely to staff and students.
  • Continuing our work with the Student Community Partnership (SCP) as well as night-time economy venues in Bath to ensure our students are supported on and off campus.
  • A review of University policy and procedure in relation to sexual harassment and assault to bring these inline with recent changes to best practice.
  • Launch a second poster campaign tackling common rape myths.
  • Releasing an animated video (produced by Blue Seat Studio - see above) with advice on how to be an active bystander.

We will also be repeating our Fresher's Week 'drive' in 2018 to encourage students to be active members of our community and empower them to call out sexual harassment.

Both the University of Bath and the SU at the University of Bath are committed to ensuring that students and staff can study and work in a community that does not tolerate sexual harassment, assault or violence.


If you have been affected by sexual harassment or violence, you can contact Student Services via email or by calling 01225 383838, or come to the drop-in sessions in 4 West.

Alternatively, you can go to the SU Advice Centre in the Student Centre. You can also email them, call them on 01225 386906 or use the 'report an issue' button.

You will be believed. You will be taken seriously. You won't be pressured to make a formal report. When you talk to us, it is in confidence.

If you are a staff member supporting a student, you can call 4321 for advice and support.

Outside of the University, you can contact The Bridge, the Medical Centre, or the police directly.


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