Hate Crime Awareness Training - Thursday 6th December

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As part of the #NeverOK campaign, through the additional funding secured from the Office for Students to tackle Hate Crime and Online Hate, the University and Students' Union are pleased to offer Hate Crime Awareness training.

This training is delivered by our external partner Stand Against Racism and Inequality (SARI). SARI are a Bristol-based charity that provides support and advice to victims of hate, and promotes equality and good relations between people with protected characteristics as defined by law.

Exactly what constitutes a hate incident or hate crime is not common knowledge, and what to do when confronted by one is even less so; by informing and preparing staff about hate incidents and hate crime, the risk of minor matters escalating into more serious situations is significantly reduced. Just by improving the level of understanding among staff, you will foster a more inclusive and capable atmosphere that in turn leads to more easily resolved issues when they do occur.

Hate Crime Awareness training is available for all members of staff on Thursday 6th December. There will be 3 sessions taking place throughout the day, each lasting two hours. Refreshments will be provided. You can register to attend a session through the below Eventbrite link:




If you have any questions about the training please contact Josh Callander, Anti-Harassment Campaign Manager, j.a.callander@bath.ac.uk


Posted in: #NeverOK, Campaign, University of Bath


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