The University of Bath and The SU at the University of Bath are running a joint project aimed at preventing sexual harassment on campus.

Through training opportunities and the #NeverOK awareness campaign, the project will empower students to be active members of society who speak out when they see inappropriate behaviour. The project also encourages students to talk to support services if they witness sexual harassment or assault, or if they experience it themselves.

The SU Bar Staff, the University Security Staff and the SU Officers have received training from the Good Night Out campaign. Inspired by this, the Fresher's Week Event Managers developed a training programme called 'Fresher's Night Out' and delivered this to over 400 Fresher's Captains and Crew members. The University of Bath and the SU worked together to deliver talks to over 4,000 incoming Fresher's on speaking out against sexual harassment and issues around consent.

The #NeverOK campaign was also launched in Fresher's Week, with over 2,000 students and staff members wearing badges to show their support.

The project further aims to deliver Bystander training, develop accessible reporting mechanisms, train staff to handle disclosures and provide comprehensive support to students when needed.

If you would like to know more information about the project, please contact the Project Manager, Rose Stephenson, or the SU Communities Officer, Ben Palmer.