A great night in Mexico

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MBA alumna Yadira Contreras writes about the Bath alumni community in Mexico:

Since I left Bath (around 4 years ago), I try to attend to every event organized by the University in Mexico. There isn’t a Mexican Alumni Chapter; I thought it was because the Bath community in Mexico was very, very small.

Happily, during the recent Alumni Reception held in Mexico City, I realized that the Bath community in Mexico is bigger than expected and growing every year. It was a great night; not only for meeting new people but also to catching up and reconnect with people I had meet on previous Bath events and also with University. I love to hear people are doing great and moreover when they are interested in helping others with their careers.

I reckon that the Bath Alumni Relations team does a great job keeping in touch with small alumni communities all over the world. Currently, with their support, the local alumni are working on establishing a Mexican Alumni Chapter and making the Torre Mayor our regular venue in Mexico City.

I strongly recommend staying in touch with the Alumni Relations team and attending their events - as much as possible - you will always meet great people.

Yadira Contreras (MBA 2009)

Posted in: International


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