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University of Bath Graduate Daniel Lane is a self-employed Interpreter and Translator in the football industry. Working with an agency, Daniel has contact with a variety of clubs and football institutions in Europe and around the World.
Daniel graduated from BA Modern Languages and European Studies in 2012 and went on to complete the Masters in Interpreting and Translating at Bath with Spanish and Italian. We asked Daniel about his career as a freelancer in the private sector.

Daniel Lane
Daniel Lane

Tell us about your work as a Freelance Interpreter and Translator

“The main body of my work is written translation for football clubs in Italy. This can include translating content for their website into English, press releases, match reports and minute-by-minute commentary for their Twitter and Facebook.

I also provide interpreting services for the same agency in England with football clubs in London. This can involve going to the training ground to assist a player who may have an internal media interview, or an interview with a newspaper, or Match of the Day or Sky Sports who want an on screen interview. I am there to help players who don’t speak the languages.

Alternatively I go to the stadium on match day, or to the charities and partners of these football clubs with players to help those who don’t speak English.”

Why did you specialise working in the football industry?

“I was aware that there was a market for language professionals with my combination in the industry. Coupled with the fact that I was unable to apply to any of the institutions due to my lack of French or German, it seemed the most logical, and interesting, route for me to pursue. I was already knowledgeable about football so it was a ready-made specialisation for my translation work”

How has your masters helped your career?

“My masters helped me to turn my existing language skills into professional language skills. It has taught me how my skills can be useful. The weight of the name has opened doors for me, almost like a stamp of authority, that I’ve had good training from the University of Bath. It’s definitely been invaluable.”

Would you recommend the MA Interpreting and Translating course? 

“If you want to be an interpreter or translator the course is definitely worth doing. Although perhaps more tailored towards a career in the European Union and the United Nations, a postgraduate degree gives you credibility.

The training is second to none in terms of giving you expertise. I would whole heartily recommend it.”

Posted in: MA Interpreting & Translating


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