Why I volunteer: Hong Kong Chapter's Benson Pang

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Did you know we have more than 30,000 alumni living outside the UK? Our Chapter volunteers all over the world help bring fellow Bath grads together. Like Benson Pang (BSc Economics 2009), Resourcing Manager for JNL Consulting and Membership Director of the Hong Kong Chapter. We spoke to him about why he volunteers.

What are your favourite memories from University?
When I secured a placement at UBS in London after deciding to cancel my flight back to Hong Kong so I could go to the interview. I was doing my econometrics coursework when I received the call that I had been successful – it made my day. I still share my experience of that placement year with alumni and current students in Hong Kong a decade later!
Another highlight was the Chinese Student Society winning the Best Cultural Society when I was President. I had the opportunity to meet like-minded students from different countries, backgrounds and races, and share Chinese culture, while also learning a lot from them.

Artist's impression of the new School of Management building

What surprised you from your recent visit to campus, after 10 years?
The number of new buildings and facilities built over the years is absolutely amazing. The students nowadays are so very fortunate to enjoy them! I’m looking forward to the completion of the new School of Management building and it could be a reason why I may consider returning to study for an MBA in 2021!

What’s the best thing about Hong Kong?
Hong Kong is an international financial hub which is very vibrant and diverse. The best thing is the food and nightlife that the city offers. However the long working hours means it can be quite stressful. Visiting Bath has made me realise how much I miss the fresh air, space and tranquillity.

Can you tell us about how you became Membership Director of the Hong Kong Chapter?

I returned to Hong Kong in 2011 and attended a couple of events organised by the Hong Kong Alumni Chapter. I felt they were an amazing group full of fun and passion so when they invited me to join them I happily took up the role of Membership Director in 2013. I enjoy meeting interesting alumni and sharing my experience with young graduates.

A recent Alumni Reception in Hong Kong

What does the position involve?

My role involves coordinating events with other committee members in the Hong Kong Chapter with the aim to promote our community to Bath alumni, as well as other alumni Chapters in Hong Kong. Ideally, I would like to create a supportive, encouraging, open platform and network for alumni to help each other and keep their sense of belonging to the University.

What’s your advice for anyone thinking about joining an alumni network?

Don’t hesitate! You will open up yourself to a diverse group of professionals who might be able to help you personally or professionally, simply because you are a University of Bath graduate too.

Posted in: BA2, International

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