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Apparently a staggering 20% of us meet the love of our life during our time at university. Whether it’s locking eyes across a crowded lecture theatre or hitting the dancefloor in the Tub, we’ve heard a lot of stories of Bath alumni who’ve fallen for more than just the city.

Given that Bath has a reputation as one of the UK's most romantic cities, we can't say we're surprised!

We recently asked on Facebook for your most romantic Bath memories. The resulting answers were sweeter than a box of chocolates…


  • 1976, July 3rd. He graduated on Thursday. I graduated on Friday. We got married at Widcombe Baptist Church on Saturday.

– Sue Pegrum (BA European Studies, 1976)

  • My most recent one has to be a stay in beautiful Bath with my lovely hubby to celebrate my 50th birthday. We both graduated in 1992 and were introduced to each other by a mutual friend from our uni years as we started our postgraduate courses in Oxford! Lots to thank Bath for.

– Lisa Stamp (BA MLES French & Italian, 1992)

  • October 2009: a few days into the master’s course, my new friend Danny and I decided to walk down the hill after class instead of taking the orange bus. A glorious October day, we struck out across the open fields and wandered down the canal in the sunshine. Sausage and chips and ale at The Raven, talking late into the night. We’ve now been married seven years, and our daughter has just turned two.

– Gemma Brown (MA Interpreting & Translating, 2010)

  • I met my now-husband on my first day of university in Bath. He then proposed to me there years later! Always a special place in my heart for Bath.

– Caroline Davis (BSc Psychology, 2006)

  • 1977, he graduated on 7th July, me on 8th July, we got married on 16th July at my home church in Poplar (yes... the one in East London, for you Call the Midwife fans!)

– Ruth Martin (BSc Sociology, 1977)

  • I met Rebecca on our first day on campus in 1996. Got married in July 1999, and returned to Bath for our final year – graduating in 2000.

– Richard Beesley (BSc Applied Biology, 2000)

  • Meeting my future husband at Swamp- not exactly the most romantic of venues though! There’s now a restaurant where the nightclub used to be – went there for our 20th anniversary for old times’ sake! Lots of happy memories of Bath.

– Angela Clothier (BPharm Pharmacy, 1994)


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  • Met in 1974, graduated and married in 1977. Bath alumni will already know that she was a pharmacist and he was an engineer!