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Check out this handy how-to guide for how to get the best out of Bath Connection, our mentoring and networking site exclusively for Bath students and alumni.

Create or update your profile

Your profile is under the ‘People’ tab of the navigation bar. You can add a cover image (for the best result, we’d recommend 1640 x 720 dimensions) and a LinkedIn-style headline to your profile to showcase your job title, skills or a brief introduction to other users. Profile photos now display at a larger size, so you may want to upload a new version.

On this page you can also add or amend your biography and professional history. Your Bath education details are added automatically, but you can edit any qualifications you hold from other institutions.

You’ll notice that you have the option to fill in a range of contact details, including your social media profiles. For each of the fields in this section, you have the option to turn the visibility settings on and off by clicking on the globe icon.

Join a connection programme

Connection programmes – found under the ‘Make a Connection’ tab – are where the mentoring magic happens! Currently we have two programmes: E-networking and Ambassadors.

The E-networking programme is for mentoring and networking between Bath alumni and students. When you join the programme as an Expert or a mentee (if you’re a graduate, why not join as both?) you’ll be asked to fill in a few details about what you can offer and are hoping to achieve.

You can edit your Expert profile at any time by heading over to your profile page. You can also edit the services that you offer, or pause your membership.

The Ambassadors programme offers alumni the opportunity to connect with offer-holders and share their experiences of their time at Bath. Why not sign up and help to inspire the next generation of students?

Searching for your ideal Expert

Once you’ve joined the E-networking programme as a mentee, you can search all of our Experts by name, job title or location.

If you’d rather browse, you can filter using a whole range of parameters, including industry, faculty, degree subject and graduation year. This is a great way to find out about careers that graduates from your course have pursued.

Getting in touch

You can see all your messages and connection requests in one simple inbox, found by clicking the envelope icon in the top-right corner of your screen.

The system works just like instant messaging: type what you want to say, hit return and wait for a reply! You can switch between conversations at the left-hand side of the screen, and access a user’s full profile at the right.

Connection requests

This feature is a quick and easy way for mentees to let Experts know they're happy to be contacted.

If you’ve signed up to the E-networking programme as a mentee (whether you’re an alumnus or a student), you can turn on connection requests on your profile page. If there’s a particular type of person you’d especially like to hear from, you can add some details.

As an Expert, you can view the directory of users who are open to connection requests by clicking on ‘Connection Requests’ in the ‘People’ tab. If you see someone who might benefit from your expertise, why not send them a message offering some help?

We hope you enjoy exploring  Bath Connection! If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at

Posted in: Bath, International, On campus

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