The soundtrack to your student days

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We've all got songs that take us back to our time at uni – that one that got us on the dancefloor at the SU, soundtracked the bus ride up the hill to lectures or helped us to concentrate during an epic revision session.

On the University of Bath Facebook and LinkedIn pages we asked you for yours – and here's the result!

We've compiled your responses into a mammoth playlist spanning seven decades – the ultimate soundtrack to your student days here at Bath...

Did your nostalgic anthems make the cut? Let us know in the comments!

Posted in: Bath


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  • Great idea! Just listening to it - I suggested Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, which came out while I was there, because I ran up that hill a few times and it's a great song! I could add a few more songs from the mid-80s 🙂

  • Glad to see my nomination, “Take on me” by A-ha on the list. I first saw the innovative video in the student bar - and then covered it in my synth gigs there (with robot dancer!)

  • Very happy to see that “when love takes over” ❤️ Is on the list!