Cushions, coffee and confidence: exam advice from our alumni community

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We asked what your last-minute exam advice would be to current students. From the funny to the philosophical, here are your top tips for academic success...


“Wellbeing support, disability support, money advice and your tutor are your best advocates – access them and get the help you deserve.”


“You are not your exam result.”


“Rest well, think positive, make sure you understand what you are being asked to do, plan your answers before writing, don't rush.”


“Do not have a coffee with quadruple espresso just before!”


“Sit at the correct table during the exam. I remember sitting in the wrong seat that did not correspond to my number. Subsequently a classmate got quite a good mark in the exam while I was recorded as absent. It was corrected later.”


“You can't be asked a question on a subject that has not been taught, so do a good amount of revision, know and believe you can answer anything that is asked of you because you can be successful and you can do well. Do your best.”


“Hope it doesn't rain because that hall gets LOUD.”


“You will feel even more pressure due to the time constraint. Make sure to write quicker than you usually do.”


“If you did the pre-work, relax: you've got it. Breath in deep, read questions with a pause... Absorb what they are actually asking, usually buried in the actual question. Go!”


“Do some exercise after you get up in the morning.”


“If your first language is not English you can request a dictionary. It will slow you down but it can help to ease your mind.”


“Ask previous students for past papers.”


“Bring a lightweight cushion. Those chairs get hard after the first hour…”


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