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The British India Orthopaedic Society (BIOS) recently concluded its much-anticipated annual conference in the vibrant city of London, UK. Held on July 7th and 8th, 2023, the two-day event brought together esteemed surgeons, researchers, and medical professionals from India and Britain to share knowledge, present ground-breaking research, and discuss advancements in orthopaedics. Among the highlights were insightful talks, poster presentations, and a memorable gala dinner featuring Farokh Engineer as the esteemed chief guest. In this blog, we'll delve into the key moments of the conference, including our poster presentation, Mr. Jitendra Mangwani's enlightening talk on ankle fracture management, and the unique opportunity to interact with medical experts from diverse backgrounds. With a rich history of fostering excellence in orthopaedic medicine, the BIOS Conference 2023 proved to be a remarkable event that brought together esteemed professionals, researchers, and practitioners from across India and UK.

Established in the early 20th century, the British India Orthopaedic Society has been instrumental in advancing orthopaedic care in the Indian subcontinent and beyond. Over the years, the society has expanded its reach and membership, encompassing professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds who share a common dedication to the field of orthopaedics.

Keynote Speakers and Expert Presentations

Eminent orthopaedic surgeons and medical experts graced the event as keynote speakers, sharing their invaluable experiences and insights. They shed light on ground-breaking surgical techniques, the latest innovations in orthopaedic implants, and advancements in regenerative medicine. The audience was captivated by the discussions on the intersection of technology and orthopaedics, including the use of robotics in surgery and the application of artificial intelligence in personalised treatment plans.

Mr. Jitendra Mangwani, an esteemed member of the ORUK steering group for our project, delivered a captivating talk on this pertinent topic ‘Management of ankle fractures in diabetes and elderly patients’. Through his presentation, he shed light on the latest developments in the field, emphasizing the need for tailored treatment approaches, early intervention, and multidisciplinary care to ensure optimal patient outcomes. The insights shared by Mr. Mangwani surely provided attendees with valuable takeaways and a deeper understanding of this complex aspect of orthopaedics.

Mr Jitendra Mangwani presenting at the BIOS conference
Mr Jitendra Mangwani presenting at the BIOS conference

Research and Poster Presentations

The conference also dedicated a significant portion to research and academic contributions. Researchers and young orthopaedic professionals had the chance to present their findings through poster sessions, fostering an environment of knowledge sharing and scholarly exchange. These presentations showcased the latest developments in orthopaedic research and their potential impact on patient care. We have showcased our research as a poster presentation. The topic of our poster presentation was ‘Development of an open-source finite element ankle model for in-silico investigation of the ankle Joint’.

Photograph showing our poster presentation on the wall at the conference
Photograph of our BIOS poster presentation

Global Collaborations and Networking

Beyond the academic and technical aspects, the BIOS Conference 2023 served as a hub for global collaborations and networking. Orthopaedic professionals from different corners of the world seized the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, discuss potential research collaborations, and forge international partnerships that could lead to transformative projects in the field.

A Platform for Continued Learning

For attendees, the BIOS Conference 2023 was not just a two-day event but a platform for continued learning and professional growth. The insights gained from the conference will undoubtedly influence their clinical practices, research endeavours, and contributions to the advancement of orthopaedic medicine. There were various orthopaedic and medical device companies showcased their medical products during the lunch and tea break of the conference.

The Gala Dinner: A Memorable Culmination

As the conference drew to a close, participants had the opportunity to relax and celebrate their shared passion for orthopaedics at the gala dinner.

The evening was graced by the presence of Farokh Engineer, a renowned ex-Indian cricketer, who served as the chief guest. His inspiring speech motivated the attendees to pursue excellence in their respective fields and fostered a sense of camaraderie among all present. During the gala dinner, we had the privilege of meeting Farokh Engineer, an experience we will cherish. It was a wonderful chance to interact with surgeons and doctors from both India and Britain, exchanging valuable insights and forming connections that may lead to future collaborations and advancements in orthopaedics.


The British India Orthopaedic Society (BIOS) Conference 2023 was a resounding success, inspiring orthopaedic professionals to embrace innovation and uphold the legacy of excellence in patient care. The event's multidisciplinary approach, featuring cutting-edge research, expert presentations, and highlighted the society's commitment to advancing orthopaedic medicine in the modern era. As the field continues to evolve, conferences like BIOS provide an essential forum for collaboration, learning, and staying at the forefront of orthopaedic advancements.

by Dr Subrata Mondal

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