Paper on bladder cancer diagnosis using urine

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A novel fluidic-based electrochemical ELISA platform is descried for estimation of the bladder cancer protein markers nuclear mitotic apparatus protein 1 (NUMA1) and complement factor H-related 1 (CFHR1) in urine samples. The platform uses an off-site chamber for a sandwich immunoassay and performs the electrochemistry on-chip in a separate chamber. A fully automated fluidic prototype has also been developed to demonstrate that automation of the process and multiplexing of detection can be achieved in a small footprint benchtop device. The use of off-site matrix-based platforms paves the way towards a new generation of electrochemical immunosensors for biomarker estimation with negligible non-specific interactions and false signals in complex samples.


Sunil Arya, Pedro Estrela:

"Electrochemical ELISA-based platform for bladder cancer protein biomarker detection in urine"

Posted in: papers


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