New small-scale public engagement projects launched

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Following our recent annual seed fund call we've funded 11 small-scale public engagement projects in departments across the University. As part of what we call 'Tier 1' of the call, researchers could apply for up to £500 to deliver their own projects.


Tier 1 provides an important opportunity for those new to public engagement to 'give it a go'. We designed the tier as a chance for researchers to trial an activity or an idea - to develop proof of concept - and / or to reach a public / publics that they hadn't worked with in the past. As well as actually 'doing' something, we're keen for those we fund to learn from the experience and to consciously develop their engaged research practice further.


Project titles and researchers that we funded are outlined below. The projects demonstrate a diverse range of activities from running a Human Library to contributing to Bath Digital Festival, from puppetry to citizen science opportunities and much, much more. The grants may only be small but that hasn't stymied the creativity in terms of engagement! And the publics being reached are equally diverse - museum professionals, young children, volunteers in a local shop, young carers, actors to name but a few.


If you'd like to find out more about any of the below projects, just drop me an email (


  • Dr Sophie Parsons (Dept of Mechanical Engineering) - A tiny solution to a big problem? Public acceptance of using yeast and microalgae to make deforestation-free consumer products
  • Sarah Bloomfield (School of Management) - Theatrical reflection of paradoxical tensions experienced within a community enterprise
  • Daniel Finnegan (Dept of Computer Science) - Trialling the Human Library at the University of Bath
  • Dr Matthew Alford (Dept of Politics, Languages & International Studies) - It’s Fun to Empower the Public:  Threshold Concepts, Social Justice and the Use of Multi-Platform Storytelling
  • Caroline Hickman (Dept of Social & Policy Sciences) - Not so wild about seagulls in cities
  • Dr Janet Goodall (Dept of Education) - Super shoppers: Engaging parents with children’s learning
  • Dr Nick Priest (Dept of Biology & Biochemistry) - How Animals Find Medicine in Nature
  • Professor Ed Feil (Dept of Biology & Biochemistry) - Antibiotic Resistance: Public Engagement and Risk Assessment
  • Daniela De Angeli (Dept of Computer Science) - Game Tale 2017
  • Bailu Xie (Dept of Pharmacy & Pharmacology) - Reducing Animal Use in Cancer Research and Drug Delivery
  • Russell Arnott (Dept of Architecture & Civil Engineering) - Plankton: what lives in a drop of water?


Thanks to the Widening Participation Office who provided additional monies that allowed us to fund more projects than we were originally planning.


Our seed fund call will next open in September 2017.

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