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We The Curious is looking for objects that tell stories about your research

We The Curious is an educational charity and interactive science centre in Bristol. Our mission is to build a culture of curiosity where everyone can ask questions, explore and test ideas out together. As part of our new ground floor experience, we are launching Open City Lab, a brand new public lab where Audiences and Researchers are facilitated to work side by side on active research projects. This forms part of Open Source Science, a partnership between We the Curious and our research partners to amplify under represented voices within research, and the create opportunities for our public audiences to influence science research.

The object collection

We are developing a collection of objects to be used in Open City Lab, that represent the personal stories behind research and act as a focus for dialogue between our researchers and public audiences. We are developing a programme where our facilitators will use these objects to share researcher stories and explore public responses to these objects.

We will share these public responses with you, which could potentially be used to shape further research questions or to explore public interest in your research. In the future we hope that this will lead to face to face public engagement opportunities in our Open City Lab.

What we’re looking for

An object that tells a personal story about your research and a description of what that object means to you. It could be a story about your research inspiration, motivations, collaboration, experimental design or findings. We’re interested in hearing about all stages of your research journey! We are also looking for researchers with an interest in hearing feedback and responses from our audiences.

Deadline for entries

If you would like to submit an image or find out more about please contact Rob Cooper (Public Engagement Officer) at rwc31@bath.ac.uk. The deadline for entries is Monday 28th June.

Posted in: Doing Public Engagement


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