Images of Research 2023 - Sustainability category

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Entries in the Sustainability category of the Images of Research 2023 competition.

The picture is rectangular and split in two sections vertically. The section on the left shows a microscopy image in black and white. The right side shows a limescale rock in colour. Both images show a similar pattern in the middle. The pattern is composed of vertical rods, like a group of straws, very close to each other in between two smooth layers of materials.
A million years in a lab!


Two black and white images of cracks in magnified grass fibre. One of the images shows one single fibre structure. The second image is a zoomed-in version of the previous image, showing a ruptured spiral vessel structure split from the grass fibre.
The Messier the Handier!
“Forget princess – I wanna be a Scientist!”
A woman holding a ready-to-launch huge balloon with a long attachment and standing in a wide green field.
Atmospheric observations are fun!
A dot-patterned membrane on top of saline water with water vapour permeating through the pore.
Biomimetic membrane for resource recovery
A plant growing from a cut trunk, surrounded by a variety of plants, including celandine and aconite, in a lush green garden.
Refugee's Growth: Adaptation, Resilience, and Hope
The picture is split in half. The left side is coloured (representing the present/future) and has a street in the countryside with no cars; the right half is in black and white (representing the past) with a motorway full of cars.
Private cars: ghosts of the past!

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