Start working with your first Python Jupyter notebook

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Today we posted the first of our Jupyter Python notebooks meant as a resource to teach yourself chemistry so that you can learn to code to solve chemistry (and other science) problems.

The first workbook covers the most basic things you can do:

  • how to use the Jupyter notebook environment and markdown cells;
  • how to print a word, which will be useful when you want to print an answer;
  • how to use the assert function to check your work.

The second workbook introduced simple mathematical calculations, that can be used in solving chemical problems:

  • simple calculations;
  • the math module, and mathematical functions;
  • variables.

We have added these resources to our Data Analysis with Jupyter Notebooks page. When you open that page you will see that we've listed a few other tutorials, which will appear in the coming weeks.

Good luck with your coding - we think it will be really useful.

Posted in: Exercises, Python Basics


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