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Welcome to the researchdata blog

The aim of this researchdata blog is to introduce the Research Data Service (RDS) in the University of Bath Library, and to provide insights into what we do and some background on the associated topics. Comments and questions are very welcome, and will always be replied to! You can contact us via the Research Data web pages, by email to, by phone x 4791, or in person by coming along to the Library, room 4.10.

The RDS is part of the Library's Research Services, which includes Open Access and Research Analytics, as well as Research Data. The RDS provides advice and support for all aspects of Research Data Management (RDM). RDM currently has a high profile due to strong encouragement from funding bodies, such as the EPSRC, for researchers to share the data that underpins their publications. There is also encouragement for institutions to provide the support their researchers need for Data Sharing. Providing the Research Data team and the Research Data Archive are two examples of how the University of Bath is supporting researchers in Data Sharing. Any researcher at the University is very welcome to contact us to let us know what their needs are in this area and the support they need.

Why Data Sharing?

The mandate for Data Sharing from funders (including, for example, RCUK, Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK) is part of a wider drive towards open access (including to government data for example), and towards open knowledge and open science. Increased openness and data sharing are expected to have a positive effect on public life and on science itself. The Research Councils have stated that “Publicly funded research data are a public good, produced in the public interest, which should be made openly available with as few restrictions as possible in a timely and responsible manner”. Funders see data sharing as a way of maximising the impact that limited and precious funds can achieve.

Why should you share your data?

There are many benefits to researchers who share their data, including the potential for a higher profile, wider impact of their research, credit and citations for data sharing, and new collaborations and contacts. Data sharing can sometimes seem complicated and time-consuming, however, and the RDS is here to help make it easier. We can help you:

  • plan, so that the costs, time and infrastructure, of data sharing are included in grants;
  • organise and manage your data, so that sharing is easier and your data are safer;
  • understand the regulatory requirements of your funding, and assess the long-term value of your data.

Let us know what you think!

The RDS team are Richard Evans, Lizz Jennings and Alex Ball and you can contact us via our shared email,, or through our web profiles.

Future blog posts will cover some of the topics on this page in more detail, and will keep you up to date as this area develops. Please do get in touch to suggest topics for future posts or to provide comments or feedback on this blog or on the Research Data Service. We look forward to hearing from you!




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