Students organise brilliant first SAMBa conference

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We welcomed in mid-summer with our first SAMBa conference. The conference was organised by students Ben Robinson and Adwaye Rambojun, with many more of our students presenting talks or posters over the two days. These presentations showcased the range of excellent research that is taking place across the continuum of statistical applied mathematics.


External speakers Anja Sturm (University of Göttingen), Colin Morice (Met Office), and Richie Gill (Mechanical Engineering) showcased their work on branching and coalescing particle systems, reconstruction of daily air temperature variations, and in silico clinical trials, respectively.


Our partners, GKN, Schlumberger, AstraZeneca, and BT, each sponsored a session, and we were pleased to welcome a number of staff and students from UK universities, and industrial organisations, with 80 people attending over the two days.


Paul Milewski, co-Director of SAMBa, said: “It is wonderful to see the breadth of research taking place in SAMBa, and how well it was presented. The combination of talented students, diversity of research, and a cohort approach, where students continuously discuss with each other, has worked out extremely well.”


Anja Sturm, one of the invited speakers, said: "I was very impressed with the SAMBa programme and the conference. The talks and presentations were excellent and I was particularly taken by the great enthusiasm the students showed for their projects - which were indeed quite diverse and very interesting both from a mathematical, as well as an application point of view."


The atmosphere during the conference was great, with lots of discussion and a real sense of celebrating the achievements of SAMBa. We are already looking forward to next year!

More photos can be viewed here on Flickr.

Posted in: Statistical Applied Mathematics


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