The paradigm of life

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"Travel is life"

In an unrepeatable past, someone told me that travel is the only acquisition that will make you richer. You know what? She was right.

I've been travelling like crazy, having tons of experiences, meeting different people with different mindsets, ideas and cultures, sucking in as much knowledge and life as I can. I've learnt that life is movement, a dynamical stage, a playground for experiences, laugh and fun.  I've learnt that people do not stop playing because they grow old; they grow old because they stop playing. And I've learnt that I could add the word enjoy to the paradigm of a life, turning an effort into a pleasure, a doubt into a chance.

Ballarat Wildlife Park (Australia)

“The world is a book, and those who don't travel read only one page” - Saint Augustine.

SAMBa has been giving me the possibility to read my book, or to write it, according to interpretation. I've had great experiences in Bath, I travelled to Lausanne (Switzerland), I went twice to Germany (first Berlin, then Braunschweig and Heidelberg), I worked in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Creswick), and I expect to go to California and Mexico next year. I met a great deal of inspiring people - I tried to learn from them and I shared my ideas. I made friends, I played, I laughed, I smiled, I lived.

Heidelberg (Germany)

Through SAMBa, I am now on a research placement at the Turing Institute in London for twelve months which began in September and I am super excited about starting from scratch in a new city, with an ocean of unknown opportunities in front of me.

Great Ocean Road (Australia)

I believe academic growth is only one of the aspects that SAMBa has been offering me. I am experiencing a personal growth, a character emersion, shaping the forma mentis which better suits who I want to become. SAMBa has given me a job that I don't consider to be a job: it's passion, experience, opportunity and fun.

Creswick (Australia)

"Life is a travel", they said.

But they were wrong. Life is a composition. A musical composition, a theatrical composition, a composition of experiences, smiles, memories and fragrances. You don't play your composition to get to its end; you play it because you want to enjoy it, all along!

Sydney Harbour (Australia)






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