Drawing as Seeing: Siena School, Italy, July 23-August 4, 2018

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I have been contacted by colleagues from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, who are teaching the following course. You have to pay for instruction, but If you would like to get involved, please get in touch with them through the link below:

"Join Annie Leist and Pamela Lawton for this Multi-sensory Drawing class in Siena, Italy for people with any level of sight. The class will take place from July 23 - August 4th, 2017 at the Siena Art Institute in Italy.

Exploring the art and architecture through drawing, we will use the city of Siena as our studio. We will use a range of materials that are tactile as well as more traditional drawing materials. The class is designed for adults of any age.

This class attracts a range of participants, including artists, art historians, art teachers, museum educators, and anyone interested in an Italian art adventure, with or without sight.

Drawing As Seeing is taught by Annie Leist and Pamela Lawton, two New York-based artists who teach at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met) as contractual educators.

At the Met Leist and Lawton teach "Seeing Through Drawing", a drawing class for adults with low and no vision, and their family members and friends. The methods proved to be successful with fully-sighted people as well, both at the Met and in college classes. Inspired by the Met class, the Italy class is for people with any level of sight.

Both classes utilize an alternative perceptual drawing approach that encourage tactile experimentation and employ senses other than sight to create works on paper and drawings.

I am attaching both a one-page flyer, with tabs, good for posting on bulletin boards, and a three-page flyer with more details and information. Our deadline is fast-approaching, but we are still accepting students even beyond the deadline.

Online at the Siena Art Institute, our address is:

On Facebook, our page is called "Drawing As Seeing"."

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