Bath SIAM-IMA Student Conference 2017

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It is a pleasure to announce that the University of Bath SIAM-IMA Student Chapter will be hosting a local student conference on 1st March 2017. This one day meeting will be a great opportunity for PhD students to discuss their research with their peers, and to share their work via a talk or poster in a relaxed environment.


All PhD students in the country are welcome to attend, and there is a programme of talks and poster presentations by students from Bath and other local universities.

The student talks will be complemented by two plenary speakers: Philippe Blondel is a physicist from the University of Bath, who will describe how he uses mathematics in his work to study the Earth's oceans; and Jon Chapman from the University of Oxford will discuss divergent series, and how they crop up in his area of applied mathematics research.

A full schedule and list of abstracts is available at the conference webpage.

Registration will be open until 12:00 on Wednesday 22nd February, and we will still welcome additional poster presentations until that time.

The details are as follows:

Bath SIAM-IMA Student Conference
09:30 – 16:00 Wednesday 1st March 2017
University of Bath


We hope to see you at the conference in March!

Warmest wishes,

Adwaye, Amy, Anna, Ben, Dan and Francisco
The Bath SIAM-IMA Student Chapter Committee

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