2017 Committee (By-)Election Results

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After a year on the Bath SIAM-IMA Student Chapter Committee, Adwaye and Anna decided to step down from their roles as Vice President and Media officers respectively. We thank them both for their valuable contributions to the committee, and hope they’ll continue to take part in the chapter’s events if not in an organisational role.

This resulted in a vacancy on the committee, and we held an election, inviting nominations for the roles of both Vice President, and additional committee members.

Amy Middleton stood for, and was elected to Vice President.
Malena Sabate-Landman was appointed to the committee,
Owen Pembery was also appointed to the committee.

As such the committee for the 2017/8 academic year is:

President: Francisco De Melo Virissimo (F.de.Melo.Virissimo@bath.ac.uk)
Vice President: Amy Middleton (A.L.L.Middleton@bath.ac.uk)
Secretary: Dan Green (D.L.H.Green@bath.ac.uk)
Treasurer: Benjamin Robinson (B.A.Robinson@bath.ac.uk)
Committee Member: Owen Pembery (O.R.Pembery@bath.ac.uk)
Committee Member: Malena Sabate-Landman (M.Sabate.Landman@bath.ac.uk)

Note the committee decided to remove the specific roles of Social Secretary and Media & Promotion, in favour of generic committee members, highlighting the flexibility of the committee member roles.

Posted in: Elections


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