The Social Media Review of the Week (7.1)

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Our weekly review of the top news shared by the University of Bath across its corporate social media channels.

News about our student recruitment

We shared a video to Facebook of our Natural Sciences students talking about what it's like living and studying in Bath. This video reached 6,532 people and had over 1,500 views.

News about student experience

Our Instagram community were asked to share their tips on minimising exam stress before the start of the assessment period. 48 replies were submitted and their suggestions were seen by 3,629 students and potential applicants.

News about our research

A video was created about the latest collaborative research from Dr Araxi Urrutia and Professor Tamás Székely (Milner Centre for Evolution). This video was shared on Twitter and reached 2,295 people.

News about public engagement

A video was created to promote the University's programme of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). This post reached 10,841 people, with 650 engagements.

News from our social media community

We shared a photo from one of our Instagram followers to Twitter. This reached 4,053 people.

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