The Social Media Review of the Week (14.1)

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Our weekly review of the top news shared by the University of Bath across its corporate social media channels.

News about our student recruitment

The UCAS deadline was 15 January. To support recruitment efforts from colleagues in SRT, the University held a number of Instagram takeovers, inviting prospective students to ask their questions about life at University. We hosted three takeovers with our student ambassadors focused on key themes around life on campus, placements and the city. Overall, this activity generated 10,342 views and 103 questions were asked, ranging from life in the city and placements, to graduate employment.

News about student experience

The University made contact with two student vloggers who had shared a tour of the University on YouTube. This video was reposted on the University's Facebook page and its Weibo channel, gaining 2,200 views.

News about our research

Academic Dr Patricia Schady (Astrophysics) took part in a research project looking at the earliest moments of a dying star. We shared the findings on Twitter and the post gained 2,141 views.

News about public engagement

An event was created to promote the upcoming lecture from the Institute for Mathematical Innovation. The event reached 9,900 individuals through the platform and over 28 tickets have been directly purchased through Facebook as a result of the activity.


News from our social media community

On Facebook, the University shared a time-lapse video of Bath created by alumnus Sam Gillespie. This video reached 61,818 people, with 9,863 engagements.

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