The Social Media Review of the Week (17.05)

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Our weekly review of the top news shared by the University of Bath across its corporate social media channels.

News about our student recruitment

To promote our accommodation options for applicants,  the University shared a video created by student vlogger Joelle, who offered a tour of Solsbury Court. This post reached 12,100 people on Facebook.

News about student experience

We shared some photos of the Library's revision support initiative, where they placed envelopes with revision tips around the site. This post reached 10,744 people on Facebook and was liked by 1,010 people on Instagram.

News about our research

The University created a video with Emily Collins and Jo Hinds about their latest research into cyber security and how a small device can help change people's habits. This video was shared on Twitter and reached 3,278 people.

News about public engagement

The University created a video with Dean Veall from the Public engagement Unit to promote their event showcasing public engagement work from across the University. This post reached 4,347 people on Twitter.

News from our community

One of our students shared a photo of them with their final dissertation after hand in. We shared this image on Instagram and it was liked by 430 people.

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