Trial Question 1

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Okay here goes,  our first trial question.  Get your pens ready ...GO


The largest BM felt by this Virendeel truss is approximately:
A. 10 kNm in BE
B. 5 kNm in AD
C. 40 kNm in BC
D. 20 kNm in EF

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Here is my worked solution

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  • I make it A. 10 kNm in BE

  • Okay time is up: The largest BM felt by this Virendeel truss is approximately 10 kNm in BE. Well done to Charlie Bantrope, Dan Maskell and Natasha Watson for getting the right answer.

    We can analyse Virendeel trusses as a beam elements with the global moment resisted by axial compression in the top chord and axial tension in the bottom chord. The vertical members take the shear loading.

    It is the shear forces generated in the vertical members which cause bending in the horizontal members. To solve for the value of the bending moments you can assume that there is a point of contra-flexure at midpoint in each horizontal and vertical member.