One of the top reasons I chose to come to the University of Bath was because I fell so in love with the city. I knew I wanted to go somewhere scenic - whether that be by the coast or the countryside - and nowhere else I visited had quite the same ‘wow’ factor as Bath. Below you can watch a video which should better encapsulate the atmosphere and scenes of Bath city, in case my words don't do it justice:

Here, I have composed a list of my top five city highlights…

  1. Bath Abbey

Of course, the sight of the Abbey will become a familiar one if you decide to come to Bath. Despite walking by it nearly daily, I am never less impressed by its beauty. Bath hosts an array of stunning architecture which is perfect for anyone who enjoys scenic walks or photography.

  1. Shopping

We all love to shop, and these days it is becoming increasingly easy to do this online. Whilst I appreciate the broad choice of online shopping in the comfort of my pyjamas at home, sometimes you just really need a day of roaming around real shops. And, you’ll be pleased to know, Bath is a great place for this. I think what I love about shopping in Bath is that whilst it has all the key high street players like Urban Outfitters, Boots and Primark, it also has huge amounts of independent businesses and markets hidden down small alleyways. You can never tell when you’ve seen it all!

Shopping at the Christmas Markets
  1. Food

I can’t express how much I love a good meal out. Whether you’re going for a quick snack or a high-end celebratory meal, Bath has it. My favourite restaurants in Bath have to be Turtle Bay, Bills and Smashburger. Not to forget Taka-Taka, which will become your hero after a night out in the city. But equally, if you don’t feel like leaving the house, McDonald's, Domino's and GBK all deliver. Can you tell where all my money goes?

  1. Coffee

If you’re a huge coffee addict like me, you’ll want to be seeking out the best coffee shops pretty fast. Whilst I like going to places like Costa or Starbucks, sometimes it’s nice to try out an independent coffee place that makes you feel much more familiar and personal with the city in which you are living. Since coming to Bath, Picnic Coffee and Soho Coffee have become common spots for me. 

  1. Ease of access to the train station

This doesn’t sound like a highlight as such at first but has become so important to me during my time at Bath! Unlike for some of my friends at other universities, Bath Spa station is in the centre of town with the University buses stopping directly outside it. This means you can travel easily and safely to places like Bristol, London, or back home, without having to worry too much about transport to and from the station.

Bath City really is full of delights and perfect for anyone who wants to live somewhere with a lot going on without the hustle and bustle that can be seen in big cities. Choosing your university goes beyond the studies itself, and you need to be able to visualise yourself in its surroundings too. I highly recommend venturing out into the city when visiting any university on open days!

Bath really is a wonderful city with so much to see! But for now, here is my favourite view of Bath:


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