How To Look After Yourself & Your Wellbeing At Uni

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It’s very easy to forget to look after ourselves and neglect our bodies when we’re so busy socialising, doing assignments and attending lectures.

However, your physical and mental health is still the most important thing – after all, how are you supposed to show up to classes and produce amazing work if you’re tired and stressed out?

And when the flu hits you, having to stay all day in bed isn’t really the best feeling, trust me.

Apart from making use of the University’s Student Services and weeks like Be Well Week, it’s also crucial that you get to know your own body and what it needs so that you have a head start in the future.

That’s why I wanted to share some advice and tips on how I deal with stress at university based on my experience.

  1. Be aware of when you’re slowing down

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, it’s tempting to go out all the time or work non-stop. By the time you realise that you’re tired, it’s way too late and you’ll probably be very badly burnt out.

When you notice yourself getting tired, don’t push yourself. Obviously, there is a time to work hard but sometimes you need to rest first – you can’t pour from an empty cup!

  1. Set boundaries

Following my last point, what you have to do next is set some boundaries so that you don't go over them and tire yourself out.

You don’t have to go to every single event and you don’t have to go to coffee with your course-mates either. Have the courage to say “no” to people. They won’t be offended!

    1. Create time for yourself

One of the major things that I learned about myself is that I need time in the morning for myself to start my day off on the right note.

If you’re anything like me, you dislike rushing around at the last minute. That’s why I always have at least 30mins to myself in the morning (before breakfast) so that I’m starting the day on my own terms and not trying to get ready in a hurry.

  1. Eat healthily

Food probably is the easiest to compromise when you’ve got so many things on your plate (pun intended). However, good nutrition is definitely non-negotiable when you’re at university.

Batch-cooking will suddenly become your best friend at university. Check out BBC GoodFood for easy recipes for students to chuck together even when you don't feel like cooking a full-on meal!

Watch the video below for more tips on how to deal with burnout and your health at university!

Posted in: Looking after your mental health at university, Undergraduate

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