What it is like to do the pre-sessional course at Bath!

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Hello guys! My name is Patty. I am a funny, friendly girl from Thailand. I'm currently studying in MSc Marketing at the University of Bath.

Today I would like to share my memorable experience in the pre-sessional course!

I have studied in 5 weeks pre-sessional course because of my writing score in IELTS is 6.0. I also came from a non-English speaking country. So I think the pre-sessional course is quite essential for me. (You can check IELTS requirement in the website)

I have arrived at Bath at the beginning of August then started the pre-sessional course immediately. The pre-sessional course has taught me the necessary skills for academic writing, reading and presentation. The course was quite relaxed and chilled. We were not overwhelmed with works. The teachers were very supportive too! They would not put any pressure on us (unlike MSc course, teachers expect us to read 100 pages a day)

Academic Study in Pre-sessional Course

Pre-sessional students need to study to 2 classes a day. The first class relies heavily on grammar, reading or speaking. We have learned the complex grammar, which is useful for academic writing. The teacher also asked us to skim reading or searching for the keywords since it is a necessary skill for MSc students. (We do need to read a lot!)

The second class is more about academic writing. The teacher taught us to cite or do the reference. We also have a 750-word essay to write. In my opinion, this class is beneficial, especially for students studying undergrads in non-English speaking countries.

In the end, there will be a test to evaluate you on four skills such as listening, reading, writing and speaking. Thankfully, no one failed this exam!

I did not regret doing the pre-sessional course at all! It made me feel intimate with my friends and my life in Bath. I also got to know other people from other majors as well. It is a great way to know people! There were a lot of activities during the session too! For example, we had a sports tournament, craft challenge and field trips to many places for free!

Also, this is my video about 4 reason why the pre-sessional course is useful for (international students). I hope you find it helpful.

Thank you!

Posted in: International students, Postgraduate


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