My experience of applying for a GREAT Scholarship

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Hi I’m Ishan, I am Postgraduate student from India studying business analytics.

Engineering and Management are the two fields that always fascinated me. Engineering is all about providing the most straightforward solutions to complex problems. In contrast, Management is all about solving daily issues. While studying for my MBA degree, I realised that most of the problems we encounter are simple data problems. I also realised that simple algorithms and codes could solve all these problems in no time.

Business Analytics was my natural line of interest as I have both an engineering and a management background. I choose the University of Bath because of its world-class teaching methodology, and it is ranked very high for my course. I just finished my first semester, and I have already learned so much about analysis and forecasting. The University of Bath also has a great multicultural environment.

When I submitted my scholarship application, I had no idea that I would get a 100% scholarship. In the application, I mentioned my research papers and projects. One day I received an email for the interview round. I prepared myself for the interview. I was pretty nervous when the interview started, but the interview panel made me feel comfortable. The panel asked a few questions about myself, my research works, projects, and community work that I have done. After the interview, I was eagerly waiting for the results. I checked my inbox hundreds of times!

When I received the news that I was awarded a 100% scholarship, I was on top of the world. I could not keep the good news to myself. I informed all my family members and friends. I have never seen my parents so happy and more important is that happiness was because of me. They have done a lot for me, and at that moment I felt like I have done something for them.

It's a great prestige and honour to become a GREAT scholar. This scholarship is a feeling of being independent and a reminder of my responsibility for the society. I always believe in giving back to the community, and this scholarship will always remind me of my duties. I always dreamt of working with the United Nations as an Economic Advisor. I want to use my knowledge for the betterment of society. After the COVID-19 outbreak, several countries have been struggling a lot. Many countries are facing difficulties for better medical and food supplies. I want to use my knowledge to bridge this gap and help struggling economies.

The University of Bath has a great support system. After COVID-19, they have done a lot to make sure that students are safe and tension free. The Bath blend gives the best learning experience to the students. I am studying remotely from my home in India, but I never felt that I am missing out on something. The best thing about the University of Bath is their digital library. I always find myself there reading new books and research papers for getting more knowledge. The library also provides access to data and analytics reports on businesses and economies.

We just completed our first semesters, and we had to submit course work instead of exams. The coursework was slightly difficult, but I enjoyed doing them. I always believed that the best learning experience comes by pushing our boundaries. The coursework motivates us to think outside the box and generate innovative solutions. It was the best exam of my life, and I have learned a lot from them.

We need to remember that everything will get better. This pandemic taught us the lessons of community and taking care of our environment. In these pandemic times, I have lost many of my family members. Many of my friends and their family members got affected by coronavirus. Some of them lost their jobs. I was very close to my grandfather, and he was the first person I informed about my scholarship. I was really sad the day my grandfather died.

My grandfather was a selfless teacher and devoted most of his time to education. He was very strict with me and always encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and work hard. After the news of getting admission to the University of Bath and the 100% scholarship, he said to me that he was proud of me. I never thought that it was the last time we ever spoke. I miss him very often, but I think that's what life is all about.

I keep on telling myself, my friends and family members that everything will get better. In these times, the best we can do is stay positive.

Posted in: Choosing a course, Postgraduate, Postgraduate Scholarships, School of Management, Why Bath?


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