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Hello, I hope that you are well. My name is Erin and I am hoping that after reading this blog post you will have gained insight into what being a Christian at Bath University looks like.

The University of Bath has a huge range of clubs and societies; from sport to Harry Potter to baking to mixology to languages! This extensive list includes a ‘Christian Union’ and a ‘Christians in Sport’ group. I am a member of both of these groups and couldn’t recommend them more. Despite the impact of Covid-19 both of these groups continued to run successfully and many people benefitted from the normality of being able to meet and spend time with others even if it was on zoom. When restrictions started to ease these groups began meeting in person, which was a breath of fresh air for everyone; quite literally as all of our meetings were outdoors due to government guidelines!

These groups both meet weekly as a big group, with some additional smaller group meetups throughout the week. As well as weekly meetings there are also various events throughout the year. These include the winter and summer ball, outreach weeks, sports tournaments, trips away and so much more!!

Alongside the groups that meet regularly Bath University has it’s own Chaplaincy. This is a really nice, quiet building, with it’s own piano that you can go to either alone or with a small group to pray, worship or read the Bible. With the chaplaincy comes the Chaplin, Nigel. Nigel couldn’t be more approachable!! He is here to help you feel as supported and comfortable as possible. So if you need to talk to someone or would like prayer, he is someone that you can go to.

The ‘Christian Union’ also has lots of different ways that you can get involved, such as leading worship, planning events, etc. There is also a group, that meets weekly, called ‘Dial-a-doughnut’, this is an outreach group that answers student’s questions on faith whilst supplying free doughnuts.

Not only does the University have groups that Christians can get involved in but there is an extensive list of churches in Bath, each with their own groups and activities. The Christian Union runs an event called ‘Church Search’ over the first few weeks of term. During this time students will meet each Sunday to travel to and try out a different church, until they find the one that they feel is most suited to them. Though, there is a huge flexibility within the churches, which makes it a very easy to transfer should you change you mind a couple of weeks in.

Another great thing about the churches in Bath is that many of them offer student lunches after the services, this allows us to get to know the families and older people in the church, whilst having a great homecooked meal!!

As I am sure you are aware last year was a very different year for many people, you included I’m sure! As a result of COVID-19 many clubs and societies couldn’t run as they had hoped, making it more challenging for people to meet others and make friends. However, both ‘Christians in Sport’ and the ‘Christian Union´ continued to meet, in ways that I mentioned above. As a result of this, I feel that I have been able to meet lots of people and make some really good friends.

The churches in Bath,  ‘Christian Union’ and the ‘Christians in Sport’ groups could not be more welcoming and inclusive, so if you are worried about settling into a group or making friends in Bath I couldn’t recommend joining and getting stuck in to them more! The other great thing about these communities is there is a range of students of different ages, from various parts of the world which means there is never a dull moment!

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