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I think we can all agree this year has not been what we all expected. When I and Clem were told we would be delegates it was in the prime of the initial lockdown with no idea when it would end, if the summit would go ahead as planned, and the difficulties we were about to face. I can safely say this year has been the strangest, in both good and bad ways.

But, let's focused on the good for once, I'm excited to present the One Young World Bath Impact Report 2020/2021. This gives an overview of the work One Young World Bath has done since the last caucus. It has been great fun putting together this report and a massive thank you to the One Young World Bath Student Organising Committee who helped to write different parts of this report.


Take a read here to see what we have been up to for the past year: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kwdtgdblma2wion/One_Young_World_Impact_Report_2020_21.pdf?dl=0

I would like to wish the incoming delegates good luck as Co-Chairs and Delegates for the coming year of One Young World Bath events and activities. There will be a lot of work to do. But, I know they will work hard to represent the University at One Young World and create a series of One Young World Bath events so that students can continue to learn about and discuss some of the most pressing global issues.


I shall leave you with a quote from my speech at the 'Taking Action at Bath' event yesterday which sums up the work being done at One Young World and the University of Bath. Encouraging and equipping students with the tools and knowledge to start addressing the issues of the world.

"Lets stop talking about the problem and be part of the solution"

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