Thinking about a part-time job during University?

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Working a part-time job can be a great way to earn a little extra money whilst studying, but there’s a lot to think about. 

You might be worried about keeping up with studies, missing out on social activities or that you won’t gain any useful experience from a part-time job. This post hopefully answers some questions about the benefits of working, how to find a part-time job as well as having a good work-life balance.  

The Benefits 

Transferable skills: apply these to future projects and jobs 

The transferable skills that most part-time jobs will equip you with are so valuable! 

  • Interpersonal Skills: This comes with building strong relationships with customers/clients 
  • Time management: balancing a degree with your job takes organisation 
  • Teamwork: You’ll work with people from all different backgrounds 
  • Conflict management: occasionally you will have to deal with disagreements at work and soon learn how best to handle these situations 

These are some of the most common examples of what you will take away from a part-time job, but you’ll be able to expand on these experiences when applying for placements or jobs in a new discipline.  

You’ll no longer have to live purely off a student loan 

Probably the largest benefit is that you won’t have to rely 100% on that student loan! The reality of a maintenance grant is that a lot of the time it will only cover your rent and maybe half your food for the term. Having a part-time job will ease these financial pressures. Use tips and money from work for trips, the gym, clubbing or whatever it is that you fancy! 

An opportunity to make new friends 

You’ll inevitably have some fun when working an 8-hour shift with a few other students, constantly having to work in a team at a bar or coffee shop calls for some good bonding moments. If you’re thinking about your first part-time job, just know that there’s a lot to look forward to and you might even make some new friends.  

How to find a part-time job  

The SU job page and online websites 

Student jobs can be difficult to find, we’re picky about our hours and it feels as though there aren’t enough to go around. Applying early in the summer is a good recommendation for students. You can arrange phone interviews and get the job ready for when you move in! Have a look on websites such as Indeed and the SU job page, lots of managers hire around the start of term since old students will have graduated.  

Give out your CV in person 

Have a look in your area whether it’s Bath or your hometown. There are hundreds of independent shops, bars and restaurants that might not necessarily advertise vacancies online. Going to smaller companies in person with a CV makes the manager’s job much easier, as it’s one less job for them to advertise. Approaching companies in person instantly show initiative where you also have the advantage of showing off your great personality!   

Balancing work, social and academic life 

Staying organised and keeping track of your time is vital if you want to balance work, social life and your academics. My top 3 tips:  

  1. Don’t Overwork Yourself 

I’ve made the mistake of taking too much overtime and as a result, fell behind on coursework and missed out on going out, it’s not fun!  

       2. Take advantage of the SU job page 

Getting a job through the SU job website is an excellent way to avoid these problems. Your manager will appreciate that you are a student and hours will be balanced fairly amongst everyone.  

       3. Block out a regular time, when you know you are free  

Deciding to work at a regular time when you know you have no conflicts like a Sunday morning is another top tip. You could be finished with work before your housemates are even awake!  

My Final Thoughts 

Maybe you’ll be applying for your first job or are wondering how to make some extra money. I hope this post has been helpful and given you some confidence in working alongside studying. I can personally say that I’ve gained lots from my time working at bars and cafes, even taking examples from these experiences to my placement interviews!  

Posted in: Budgeting & Finance, Extra-curricular activities, First year, The City of Bath, Undergraduate

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