My Top 3 tips for making the most of Freshers

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I had all these mixed feelings when I first moved in, especially because my accommodation did not have a lot of international students, but I enjoyed myself so much during freshers! Although you may have heard this a lot already; everyone is feeling the same way and this week will be the only time when walking up to a random stranger and asking them their name won’t be considered weird!

Here are the top three things that helped me enjoy myself to the fullest, I hope they help you too!

1. The Kitchen

Believe me, the kitchen is the best way to socialize with your flatmates. Everyone will want to see the kitchen once they move in so it is the best way to meet everyone you have to live with for a year! Once you've done unpacking, sit in and get to know your neighbours! This year, the University gave us these welcome boxes that included UNO cards, cookies, tea, post-it notes, and lots of stuff to bond with! (We ended up playing UNO for a long time on our second night and enjoyed it!) Things might be different next year so I guess you'll have to wait and see!

Our kitchen with the Welcome Boxes!

2. Take your time

Yes, the week can be overwhelming sometimes. But there will be so much going on around you! You will possibly not be able to attend everything, and that is okay; take your time to adjust! Sometimes resting it out will be better than partying so much that you are unable to get out of bed the next day! Even I personally took a night off since I had been out for three days straight! It helped me enjoy the rest of Freshers' Week better but this does not mean that you won’t make the most of this time! I promise you will be making a lifetime's worth of memories!!!

MY Flatmates and I at Freshers!

3. Explore the Campus

Freshers' Week is the best time to explore the campus. With everything going around at different locations, you will be roaming around a lot, so take a friend and explore it together! The Students' Union regularly updates their 'what’s on' section, so check it often! Personally, I went around a lot with my flatmates. This way, we ended up going to most of the activities together! (A great way to bond really!)

You can also just take a walk in the evening or attend one of the many campus tours hosted by the University! The campus is easily accessible and everything is close by! Do not forget to use this opportunity to find your lecture rooms and buildings!

A gorgeous sunset I witnessed on Campus during Freshers' Week!


So these were the three most useful things that helped me enjoy freshers to the fullest. I genuinely had a great week; met loads of new people, experienced new things and enjoyed every moment. Freshers' Week is so much more than partying all night! It gives you a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, explore both, the campus and the city, and have fun!

I hope this blog helps you with what to expect when you first come to university! 

Posted in: First year, Freshers' Week, Undergraduate

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