Straight out of school and immediately starting university can be a very daunting experience at first. In school, we are in a shell, and at uni, we are forced into the outside world. The universe becomes our playground where an abundance of opportunities is thrown at us, along with a little bit of homesickness at first, especially when you hop countries or cities for uni.

Unlike school, the university experience is not just about academic study. It’s about discovering yourself, your interests, likes and dislikes, and most of all pushing the boundaries. The experience is very personal to everyone and you learn as you go and grow with the flow. So here are some ways in which you can get the most out of your university experience!!

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Join a society, or even better create one!

Joining a society is a fast and fun way to not only interact with like-minded people and explore your interests further but it also looks shiny and sparkly on your CV. Societies are a fun way to keep yourself engaged with university whereabouts. Bath offers a range of societies including culture, religion, sport and art societies for example Harry Potter, wine tasting and law society. If you still feel out of place and think that none of these take your fancy then you’ve always got the option of going ahead and creating your own society!

Learn a new skill or take an extra-curricular course

University is all about balance. It is about polishing stuff you already know, along with taking up and developing new skills. Bath's Skills Centre offers a variety of skills enhancements, both academically and in extra-curricular activities. You can learn a language from a variety of options the uni has to offer. Piano, dance, and art lessons also take place every week at the Edge. For gym and fitness freaks, there are a variety of sports options available like kickboxing classes and you can take advantage of booking the sports courts at the Sports Training Village.

Volunteer or Fundraising Activities

Looking for something interactive, fun, engaging, yet for a good cause? Volunteering and fundraising are just it! Giving back to the community is a value that everyone should have instilled in them. It gives us a sense of gratefulness, along with helping someone in need. Bath offers a number of volunteering opportunities, both on and off-campus.

On-campus you can find Bath STAR, RAG, and VTeam that hold regular volunteering and fundraising activities. Interested in teaching a new skill or helping a child with homework? Join the homework club that takes place every Tuesday (contact Bath STAR on Instagram). In town, charity shops like Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, and OXFAM are often on the hunt for shop volunteers.


One of the most flexible things about university is getting a placement. On most courses, you can opt for a year-long placement as a part of your studies. The Faculty placement team is ready to help you with your applications and clarify any doubts. The team can help you discover what opportunities are available in the market and uncover your interests.

Get a part-time job

International students can work up to 20 hours a week during term-time. Getting a part-time job is more than just stocking shelves in shops. It’s the best way to discover your potential. It helps develop important transferable skills like time management as well as developing new skills through on-the-job experience. You can work for the University as a Student Ambassador just like me or find jobs via the SU jobs both on and off-campus. Off-campus job adverts can also be found on employment job sites e.g. Indeed

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Year Abroad

Year abroad is a great option to explore not only a different country or continent but also a different teaching style. Year abroad offers an abundance of opportunities including exposure, meeting new people, and broadening your horizons.

And breathe...

Last but not the least, take a break from your mundane routine, relax, sit back, reflect, discover yourself, push your limits and be kind to yourself. Most of all, don’t forget to enjoy it. These are the best years of your life and you won't get them back again!

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