The Process and Paperwork for a Part-Time Job

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The process and paperwork that comes when you secure a job as a student at the University, particularly the role of an Outreach Ambassador is slightly different for an international student. I will be talking about the process I went through to get the role and will share some tips to help you. 😊

1. Application

I submitted my application to become a Student Life Ambassador for Overseas students. This included a cover letter, short video, and blog post.

2. Interview Selection

I then got selected for an interview which was actually very relaxed! I was asked some questions such as why I’d be suitable for the role, my experiences, etc… Very positive vibes 😊

3. Getting the Role!

Then the good news arrived when I found out I secured the role 😀 but little did I know how difficult the paperwork would be…


As the University wanted to grow its pool of Outreach Ambassadors with an international background,  I was invited to become an OA instead of just a Student Life Ambassador. I didn't mind as this meant I would have the opportunity to get involved in so much more than just writing blog posts. So here is everything you will need to do before starting work as an Outreach Ambassador:


1. References

You will need to provide 2 written references. These can either be professional or personal references and only need to be a few lines long. I asked my 2 co-workers from my placement to write these for me, it really doesn’t need to be anything fancy!

2. Ambassador Contract

This is pretty simple – you will be contacted with clear instructions on what documents to show. As an international student, you will need to show your pre-settled status and obtain a share code through this link.

3. Online Training

You must then complete some online training to equip yourself with the right resources and knowledge to start working. This includes a safeguarding assignment, campus tour training, and reflecting on what makes the university special…

4. DBS Check

Some part-time positions may require a DBS check, particularly if the job involves working with students under 18. Certain documents must be provided and you can find a list here. I needed a DBS check for my OA role.

They will ask you for passport details and ask you to provide a document with your name and current address. As I did not have a UK bank account, I solely relied on an online bank called Revolut (similar to Monzo) which was based in Spain so I could not obtain a statement with a UK address. Here's what I did to secure this DBS check:

  • Order a cheap pay-as-you-go UK SIM card from Amazon (I ordered this one). You don’t need to use it, just have one to receive verification codes from the bank
  • Open an HSBC bank account (Barclays has long waiting times and more requirements) with the UK phone number
  • Transfer £1-5 to the bank so there’s some sort of movement in the account
  • Call HSBC Customer Service and ask them for a bank statement. This should arrive within the next 1-2 working days

I would 100% recommend doing all of this as soon as you find out you've secured the job because it can take quite a bit of time to get sorted!

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