Hello, it’s me again! I hope most of you have finished exams or assignments by this time. To me, it has been a hectically busy semester. But the good thing is I am winding down for a little while before getting back to my study. And so, I decided to write another post about my VIP experience. In particular, let’s talk about the dissemination opportunities if you have joined a VIP. Of course, you could also say it is part of the VIP commitment.

Similar to the previous years, all VIP participants were asked to present their projects towards the end of each semester. The VIP team dropped us a message and guideline via Teams four to five weeks before the actual presentation dates so that we could have sufficient time to prepare our work. We had meetings to discuss what to be covered in the posters as well as how to divide work in our team. For both presentations, I was responsible for designing a chart or a timeline of the project. The Gantt chart that I made for the first presentation was unfortunately not incorporated in the poster due to its focus being too research-team-oriented. But guess what? I adapted this Gantt chart in my research proposal. So, I think nothing is truly ‘non-recyclable’ (haha). Our first end-of-semester online presentation can be revisited here.

As time went on, we knew each other better and this significantly enhanced our communication in preparation of our second presentation. We intended to include an introduction, annotated feedback from Fiona on our survey draft, a timeline of the project, our group photo, personal reflections and future directions in the poster. We also wanted to make sure that the team’s workload was divided fairly. Before volunteering to work on the timeline, I did hesitate for a second but I think I would try again anyway. With timely feedback from the IE teammates, I modified timeline to include the work of both research and event teams. Here is the timeline finally! 

I would like to thank Aimee (middle), Ella (left) and Holly (right) for presenting our work on campus. Look at the three lovely ladies. All of them have been genuinely supportive and hard-working throughout.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the VIP team for selecting our work as one of the best end-of-semester posters and to Fiona for her continuous support and constructive feedback along the way. While most VIPs will stop running over the summer, our team is happy to carry on some of the work we have been doing. We just had a meeting with Beckie from the Students’ Union yesterday to discuss future volunteering opportunities for students at Bath.

Should you join a VIP? Why don’t you come to a VIP information session? The session will be held on 21 June 2022 at 16:15 – 17:45 (BST) via Teams. If you are interested, please register here. Hope to see you all soon!

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If you're a University of Bath student interested in doing a VIP in 2022-23 please register for the Information Session on 21 June


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