8 Tips to help you excel as a Student

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As we go through our time at university, we all aim at being the best versions of ourselves and creating a unique space for ourselves in the student community. This aim can turn into reality with dedication and passion. Here I share 8 tips that helped me make the most of my time at university and led me to achieve my goals.

Ask doubts

It may seem intimidating to put your hand up in front of a whole classroom, but is even more intimidating when you aren’t sure of the answers in the exam. Professors at the University are very approachable and welcome all queries with utmost patience. So never be shy to clarify the questions you have!

Create a schedule for yourself and stick to it

If you earned 86400 pounds a day, wouldn’t you utilise it to its fullest? Well, you have 86400 seconds a day and productively managing that time is one way of standing out. Timetabling is the key to time management and keeping track of your deadlines. A method that helps me is time-blocking my day according to different tasks and colour coding it. This makes it visually appealing and motivates me even more. Effective use of time will allow you to dedicate time for academic, extra-curricular and recreational activities, giving you a more-rounded student experience.

Cut off distractions

I know it is very tempting to watch one more of your favourite creator’s Tiktok or reel but mindlessly scrolling on social media may be counter-productive at times. Identify what drains your energy and what stimulates it, and move towards the latter. Setting time limits on your phone for certain apps or taking social media breaks during busier times of the year, is very helpful to keep your focus!

Visualize and Manifest

Your vision board can manifest into reality by visualising yourself achieving those. One way that has helped me visualise is using all 5 of my senses when I think about my goals. When you see, hear, smell, feel and taste the feeling of achieving your dreams, your mind inadvertently works towards those dreams. Every action you take emanates from the thought and passion you have about your vision, and believe it or not, the universe aligns that for you.

Physical wellbeing

Health is Wealth! Taking care of your body is an investment you will never regret (unlike Crypto sometimes). After long hours of work, your body craves attention and requires movement to keep running smoothly. What helps me is shuffling between Yoga, Cardio, Pilates and just walks sometimes, depending on what I am in the mood for. Listening to your body and moving for at least 30 minutes everyday will rejuvenate you both physically and mentally.

Take time to do things you love

Success comes when you pursue the hobbies that you love doing, along with your academic studies. Whether it is dancing, singing, painting, coding, reading or any other activity that is special to you, take time for it! As an Indian classical dancer, I make it a point to nurture my practice consistently and keep my creative juices flowing. The SU has supported this through its societies, where I have been able to conduct dance workshops and perform on different occasions.

I also run a YouTube channel with my sister, called 'Nidhi & Neha' where we post Indian classical videos to different genres of music. Doing this while at university helps me stay in touch with the art form and complements my academic life. Pursuing activities that you’re passionate about not only acts as a good distraction but will also give you so much joy!

Home to 100+ societies
Shot from my YouTube channel


Think about your long-term goal

At the end of the day, think about where you want to be in the future and what work will make your life meaningful. Regularly aligning your short-term goals to your long-term goals will give you clarity on your plans and help you understand what you want in life. Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Consistency is key

Having given you some of my best steps, the next stage is regular implementation! Life is all about consistency! Making these small lifestyle changes can go a big way towards shaping you as a student and as a young adult ready to conquer the world!

I hope these tips help you in your journey towards excellence. Thank you for reading and let me know in the comments below what tips you implement to achieve your goals.

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