Why I stayed at Bath for my Master's degree

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Hello, I’m Mia and I am currently studying my Master’s in Sports Management. Previously, I achieved a 2:1 in BSc Sport and Exercise Science here at the University of Bath. After completing my bachelors, I decided Bath was the perfect place for me to continue my education and I'm going to tell you exactly why.

The idea of doing a master’s wasn’t something that ever really crossed my mind throughout my four years of studying and my graduation seemed like an end of an era of education and a huge relief. However, with a little break over summer, the opportunities that arise from completing a master’s really persuaded me, and what better place to do this than at Bath. This also meant that I could continue being a student for a little longer, holding onto all those student perks and discounts!

My decision to study a master's was motivated by a few key factors: a topic that I am passionate about, developing my learning further from undergraduate to have a bigger portfolio of knowledge and to set myself up for my desired career path. Progression onto a master's was a big commitment but something that naturally felt like my next step in life; albeit unchartered territory as I am the first in my family to go to university, let alone do a master's. As someone lucky enough to be supported so well by Bath University and to be so passionate about my course, it was a no brainer for me to continue my education at Bath.

From peers, lecturers, director of studies all the way to student support services and advice, Bath really leaves no stone unturned with the levels of support they offer their students. Personally, I noticed that this made the learning environment a lot more enjoyable and less overwhelming when learning all new content. All of this, alongside Bath being ranked so highly in the league tables for my course made this decision very easy for me.

Another reason for continued study at Bath is the campus. When I first visited the university campus, I was really impressed, and it instantly felt like I could call this home for the next 4 years. The campus university offers all the essential services and are all conveniently located within short walks. The services include a grocery store, food outlets, parcel collection and much to my delight, there’s even a Starbucks onsite! The lake and large green space that we have creates a calming nature to a busy campus.

Personally, playing sport at university has heavily shaped my university life and was a huge commitment throughout my undergraduate. I was captain of the women’s football team and women’s representative, and I felt like I was not ready to leave. I also was confident that I would never be able to create the same bonds with teammates and coaches as I had here at Bath. Bath University also compete at the highest BUCS level, therefore, this challenges me to achieve my fullest potential in my hobbies as well as academically.

The city of Bath, where most students will live, is a beautiful city with a diverse range of places to see and things to do. Bath is home to the Roman Baths, the Crescent, Pulteney Bridge and many galleries and museums. Although Bath is a busy city, it is not short of many picturesque parks and green spaces scattered around. From my experiences over the last five years, Bath has always felt like a very safe place to live, which I would consider an important factor into my decision to continue studying in this area and certainly puts the parents’ minds at ease a little bit.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend staying on at Bath to do a master's after an undergraduate degree!

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