Things to do in Bath to aid your mental health and wellbeing

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Hey everyone,

I hope your having a wonderful day. This year, I am aiming to spend more time looking after my mental health and wellbeing and  I hope the city of Bath will help me to this. Below I have made a list of the most impressive things to do in Bath to aid your mental health and wellbeing. Come with me on a  journey of self-improvement, one adventure at a time!


Bath University;

First up, lets see how the University of Bath cater to support our mental health needs.

Dog walking sessions happen weekly every Tuesday. For an hour, students get the opportunity to walk the wonderful dog homed with the Charity Pets as Therapy. I had the honour of walking the lovely lady Olaf, who was very gentle and loved squirrels! Dogs provide many opportunities to increase mental wellbeing, through relieving stress, exercising, practicing mindfulness and adding a sense of purpose that was perhaps lost or missing before. It also makes you feel good to help those dogs less fortunate, providing them with opportunities to socialise and play.

Myself wearing a bright yellow coat, walking a tall black great dane to my leftThe big black great dane looking just beyond the camera- eye-level viewWalking along bath grounds with the big tall black great dane to my right, the owner just beyond. A sunny day with green fields in the background

Next up is the frequent gardening club. Providing an opportunity to learn new skills, interact with other students and watch as your gardening accomplishments grow into something beautifully nurtured and stunningly edible.

Watering can spraying water over vibrantly green plantsA hand holding a lavender plant whilst a woman looks on smiling in the distance

If your looking for something more educational, then the skills centre have you covered. Not only do they provide weekly workshops tailored to specific elements of improving your mental health and lifestyle, but they also offer courses for a better mental health based support based on therapeutic techniques. In addition, they also have an app (Be Well app) which can provide individualistic help and support.


Outside of the University;

Now, if that wasn't enough, there is also loads of chances to improve your mental health and wellbeing within the city of Bath too! Ill look at these option in specific categories; exercise, socialisation, mindfulness, learn new skills and giving to others.


The City of Bath is a vast and expansive city with lots of walking trails, fields, parks and green areas to explore. Hailed as one of the best walking cities, it is a great place to take a minute and gaze at your wonderful surroundings. Want to explore the city quicker, you can rent a bike from Webb's cycle shop and hire to pedal around the beautiful countryside of route four of the cycle network. This will take you around the dazzling canals and through the longest cycling tunnel in the UK. There is also many opportunities to watch sport with both impressive rugby and football teams located in the city centre. Other activities include; hot air-ballooning, motoring, rowing and stand-up paddleboarding.

A bike resting on abridge of a canal at sunset


There are loads of events that can allow you to meet like-minded people in a relaxed manner. Some highlights include; the Jane Austin festival, wellbeing retreat at the forum, board games day at the Widcombe social club, Rare Plant Fairs, comedy festival, the bath festival and all their wonderful Christmas festivities. My personal favourite is the Polar Bear express a the Bath Forum.

As well as clubs, there is also a wide range of local social spaces that offer the opportunity to socialise. These include the Bath library, various independent coffee and bookshops, cooking classes and independent cafes.

Lady dancing at a festival with camping tents in the background


Mindfulness is simply the idea that you are present in whatever activity you are doing. Probably the best way to experience mindfulness in the city of Bath is through taking in the city on a long and enjoyable walk. If that's not your thing, then Bath Mind also run courses to improve your mindfulness skills.

Scrabble text saying "be here now"

Learn new skills-

Within the centre of Bath there are a variety of independent local groups where you can meet a range of people including the; Bath guild of embroiders, Alexandra park friends, Bath textile artists, Bath scape wellbeing walks, Birch tree fold choir, Blue sky tennis foundation and most importantly the community farm wellbeing groups that offer 2 free courses to boost their mental wellbeing in a friendly and supportive environment. Throughout February, life drawing classes are taking place at the Grapes and aqua Sana activities at the Therma Spa.

Looking down upon Alexandra Park in the centre of Bath
Alexandra Park

Giving to others-

On the Simply Connect webpage, you can browse through an extensive list of volunteering activities from befriending services to walking leaders, from RSPB fundraiser to charity shop workers. Scientifically proven research has demonstrated that helping others in need has helped to increase spirits, improve mental health and even in some cases help you to live longer!!! Isn't that cool!.

I hope like me, you found this blog post a good starting point to explore some fun and unique things to do in the city of Bath and at the University to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Until next time,

Stay safe and keep smiling,


Posted in: Extra-curricular activities, Looking after your mental health at university, The City of Bath, Volunteering


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