From downward dog to literal puppy yoga: my experience with the Yoga Club at University of Bath

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You have probably already heard a million times that you should join a society at university, exploring the benefits it will have for your social life, skill set, and overall university experience. Well, there is a likely reason you have heard that so many times - it is because it is true! I don’t expect you to take my word for it, though. In this blog, I’ll be sharing my experience as a committee member of the Yoga Club in the hope that I can provide you with some evidence as to why joining a society at the University of Bath IS a good move.


An unlikely beginning…

To say that becoming a committee member of the Yoga Club was unexpected would be an understatement. Whilst I had *some* prior experience with yoga (and by ‘some’ I mean a handful of questionable attempts following along to Yoga with Adrienne YouTube videos), my current situation did not scream ‘ideal yoga committee member’. Aside from trying a few taster sessions during freshers’ week, my experience with university sports was minimal. Not to mention, I was in my final year and had resigned myself to a year of endless work and minimal fun (sounds thrilling, I know). Secondly, I had not long had surgery on my wrist, meaning that my downward dog days were over. However, the Yoga Club had not been running during the previous year as there had been no committee to take it over, meaning that the SU was keen to get it up and running again. Shortly after, my housemates announced that they were putting their names down for the new committee, and did I want to put mine down too? Initially, I was hesitant. How would I balance this with my assignments? What if I hurt my wrist? What if I failed my ENTIRE degree and was so badly injured that my hand needed to be amputated?!? (OK, maybe that was a bit dramatic.) Then, I took a deep breath and mulled things over.

I envisioned the intense case of FOMO I would experience if my housemates joined the Yoga Club cimitee and I didn't. So, I said yes. Specifically, I volunteered for the role of social media manager, which appealed to me because I already had prior experience with making blogs/vlogs, and generally because I love getting creative. Quite simply, I like making things look aesthetically pleasing! After filling out a few forms and having a meeting with the SU Sport Officer and the other students who had volunteered to take over the committee, it was official – we were in charge of the Yoga Club!


The highlights

As previously explained, I was hardly a certified yogi when I first joined Yoga Club. In fact, I’m still not now! However, that has been the great thing about being on the committee; seeing as none of us had an extensive background in yoga, we were keen on promoting an inclusive environment of yoga being for everyone, regardless of ability. So, even with my dodgy wrist I could still modify poses! Above all, it was hugely enjoyable seeing such a diverse range of people attend the sessions, and reap the benefits that yoga has to offer, such as:

Credit: @uobathyoga

Credit: @uobathyoga


My previous fears about being part of Yoga Club were proven completely wrong – if anything, I would say that doing yoga helped me to achieve a healthier work-life balance, rather than hindering my studies, as well as teaching me that my wrist did not have to be an obstacle.

Importantly, Yoga Club also enabled me to meet people who I never would have otherwise, as well as being an excuse to hang out more with my housemates outside of uni! Seeing as yoga is more ‘chilled’ compared to other sporting activities, it offered plenty of chances to get chatting with people at sessions. On the flip side, yoga was also a great way to get to know myself better and learn to listen to my body. For instance, nearly falling asleep during any lying-down pose was a strong indication that I should be getting more shut-eye! Which, naturally, benefitted me in many ways outside of just the yoga studio!

Another really enjoyable aspect of Yoga Club has been the workshops and socials. Seeing as yoga is so closely tied to meditation and wellbeing, we wanted to organise events which were not solely about yoga itself, but wellbeing more broadly. Here’s a snapshot of what we got up to…


  • Pottery painting



  • Vinyasa workshop


  • Puppy yoga


Puppy yoga class; people with arms outstretched and front leg bent whilst puppies sleep amongst them.

Oh, and if I’m being totally materialistic, receiving a Yoga Club fleece was a big win!!

Outfit of the day? Sorted.


So, are you convinced yet?

I hope this blog has been insightful and provided some incentives about why you should consider joining a society at University of Bath. If you want to find out more about the Yoga Club specifically, check out @uobathyoga on Instagram and the official page on the SU website. For now, I’ll leave you with the quote below… bonus points if you recite it in your head whilst doing Shavasana!

“You only get one life. Do what makes you happy, and spend time with those who make you smile. Don’t wonder what if, you don’t know if you don’t try.”

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