Over the summer students from the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences are participating in the One Young World Academy - a unique opportunity to learn from global experts online, and develop key skills through an applied project. See their initial reflections here: One Young World Academy – how Bath students are benefiting from this unique learning opportunity | Student bloggers. This month two of the participating students outline their learnings from the Academy.

Jagriti Jalan, BSc Psychology:

As a young and passionate advocate for positive change, I found myself drawn to the opportunity of doing the One Young World Academy course. The organization's commitment to empowering young leaders from all walks of life in fostering sustainable change towards world issues resonated deeply with my values and aspirations. I found the academy to be the perfect platform to nurture my critical thinking skills, gain invaluable insights, and connect with like-minded individuals who share a common vision for a better world. I aspire to contribute meaningfully to addressing the challenges, such as reducing carbon emissions in organisations, through an innovative and engaging learning forum and become a catalyst for positive transformation.

Having embarked on this learning journey to “Reduce Carbon Emissions”  I have gained deep insights from eminent scholars and dignitaries on understanding why it is important to reduce global carbon emissions and how we as young leaders can help in bringing about that change, since a small step taken by many can lead to a significant change and a brighter future. It has helped me hone my problem-solving abilities and acquire practical tools to turn my ideas into impactful initiatives. Engaging with seasoned mentors and visionary leaders will provide me with the mentorship and guidance needed to refine my vision and strategies for meaningful change. Moreover, I hope to foster innovative, sustainable solutions to global problems by the end of this course and emerge as a more confident and capable youth-leader, ready to bring about change with renewed vigour and optimism!

Sifan Chen, MSc Applied Economics:

There are two lectures for Reduce Carbon Emissions topic in Q&A format.

One is delivered by UNFCCC (UN Climate Change) and concerning the need and importance to take actions. Besides saying more finance and political willingness needed, it mentioned that for young leaders can cooperate with related situations and organisations, which provide platforms, to make their voice be heard and get involved into the actions.

Another one is delivered by Professor Yunus, who created a new banking system in Bangladesh in 1973 and helps lots of local people out of poverty from then on. In his speech, he pointed out the importance to create an opposite economic model, similar logic as his banking system, to reserve the global warming and wealth allocation issues, as the current system are the root for the creation. I think that’s very interesting and worth to know cause I never thought of that based on the current education and messages I received as these all telling me that pollutions are unavoidable along with development, and the only thing we can do is to find a better technology to repair the issues created before. His speech made me think if whether I could follow his way, setting sustainable small groups, if I would like to do a project as well.


The One Young World Academy pilot is the latest addition to the University of Bath's ten year partnership with One Young World. Find out more online: One Young World Bath.

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