Clearing – What you need to know.

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What is Clearing?

Clearing is another chance to apply for courses where universities still have spaces available once you have received your exam results. This may be because you have not been accepted by your firm or insurance choice, you have not received any offers, or did not apply during the main application cycle.

Clearing is also an option if you have chosen to decline your place - you might have changed your mind about where or what you want to study or perhaps you have achieved higher grades than you expected. If you do decline your firm place, you may not be able to reverse your decision, so only do so when you are certain!

There are lots of reasons why students apply through Clearing, and it may provide the opportunity that you are looking for.

How do I apply?

 You can search for Clearing vacancies on UCAS, and universities will also list the courses where they have places available on their webpages.

If you think you may be in Clearing, or know that you wish to apply, it is a good idea to do some research in advance about available options, although be aware that some vacancies may not be confirmed until shortly before A level results day. Check the entry requirements, course information and how to contact the universities you are interested in.

Once you receive your results, you will need to contact universities which have vacancies available, to see if they will offer you a place.

 Make sure you have the following information ready when you phone:

  • Your UCAS ID number
  • Your exam results (names of qualifications and grades awarded)
  • Your Maths/English GCSE grades, and a suitable English language qualification if you are an international student.
  • Your personal details, including contact information and immigration status.

Some students find calling universities daunting – if that’s you, that’s totally understandable. It is important that you make these calls yourself, as universities will be making any offer to you directly. If you find it easier to do so with the support of a teacher or parent, that’s absolutely fine.

If you are eligible, the university may then make you a verbal or informal offer based on the information you have provided. You can contact more than one university and may hold several verbal or informal offers. You can only accept one, which you will add on UCAS Hub as your Clearing choice. We recommend you do not add a university as your Clearing choice on UCAS Hub without having first received a verbal or informal offer from them, as many universities will only consider Clearing choices from students who they have already spoken with.

How does Clearing work at the University of Bath?

At Bath we may have a small number of places available for well-qualified applicants. These will be advertised on our webpages and UCAS ahead of A level results day.

Where we have vacancies available, you can phone us on 01225 976833 from 08:00 on Thursday 17 August. We will ask you a series of questions to assess your suitability for the course, and we may then make you a verbal offer. Rarely, some of our courses may also require an interview to assess your fitness to practice.

If you are interested in a Clearing vacancy at Bath, please ensure that you phone us as soon as possible. Our courses are very popular, and any places are likely to be filled quickly. We will update our webpages and UCAS as vacancies close. Make sure you meet the entry requirements before you apply!

Once we have made you a verbal offer, you will then receive an e-mail from us confirming how and when to apply on UCAS, including the deadline to add Bath as your Clearing choice. We know for some students, finding yourself in Clearing can be unexpected and you will need time to consider your options. If we make you a verbal offer, we will always give you a few days to consider if Bath is right for you. You will also be invited to attend a webinar and the opportunity to visit our campus. This will give you the opportunity to understand what studying at Bath is like before you commit.

When you have added us as your Clearing choice as UCAS, we will assess your application and confirm your place (subject to the information provided when the verbal offer was made being correct). Once you receive your final confirmation through UCAS Hub, your journey is complete, and you can expect to hear more from us throughout September with all the information you will need when joining us.







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