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My name is Suvid, and I am a third-year aerospace engineer at the University of Bath (UoB). Having spent a lot of time growing up near airports, I developed my passion and enthusiasm of planes. From a young age, I have watched plentiful of air crash documentaries where I learnt more about aircraft, and my favourite subjects in school were mathematics and sciences. Therefore, after my GCSEs, I chose chemistry, physics and further mathematics for my A-Levels. By the end of year 12, I realised that I wanted to pursue my passion of planes and use my strengths in mathematics and science for important purposes, thus leading me to select aerospace engineering at Bath.

At Bath I became a student ambassador and was introduced to Unibuddy. Receiving questions from students all over the world, curious about university life not only in Bath, but in the UK and asking questions to do with my course, allowed me to provide them with a better understanding of my life as a typical university student doing aerospace, and perhaps aid them with information to make a suitable decision for their academic future. In summary, questions through Unibuddy can be anything related to university.

I remember myself a few years back in their position. I too was the same, unclear of what path I wanted to follow, with a decision to choose either aerospace or astrophysics. I was also very unsure what university I would want to go to and had poor knowledge of other universities outside of Oxbridge. Even though I believe that I have still made the right choice, I wish I had the help available back then from Unibuddy to learn more about each course and about my different university options.

This is why I find helping people on Unibuddy to be particularly satisfying, as I feel like I’m helping clear away the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety a young student such as I felt once about university and selecting the best option for me. I also enjoy providing them with information about my experience and my course for enrolled students, so they get a taste of what they might expect. Unibuddy is the easiest and quickest platform that I share with prospective students and younger students, who are there to find the relevant information to make the right choice for them.

I answer questions about a whole range of topics to do with higher education, such as the course, the campus, food, options to work part-time, the city and hobbies I can do. This is to provide an image of what life is like as a university student to not only prospective students who have accepted an offer for Bath, but also younger students who still have not decided if they want to go to university, and are just curious about what it is like. Essentially I try to answer any question that people might have about university, moving out and education above sixth form.

People can chat through to our students via Unibuddy at Bath by typing ‘chat to our students’ into the search bar of the hompage for University of Bath (many universities have this enabled on their site), or going straight to the pop up of an ambassador’s profile on the course pages. You can also find ambassadors from different universities to chat to by looking through courses on UCAS and choosing ‘chat with students at this university’.

Everyone who is looking to go to university or is about to start university will have so many questions, so do not feel alone and overwhelmed at the prospect of university, and starting life in a new city by yourself.  By connecting to current students like me, we will do our best to reassure you of your worries, and the best way to do this is via Unibuddy.

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