How Discover Bath helped me choose the University of Bath!

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My name is Aimee, and I am a first-year psychology student at the University of Bath. I participated in the Discover Bath programme as I loved the university when I visited for an open day and wanted to ensure it was the right place for me. At A-Level, I studied psychology, sociology and history, so I took part in the psychology course offered as part of the programme as this subject interested me the most.

The programme helped me gain confidence, meet new people and work with them to study a subject we were all passionate about. It also gave me the confidence to travel alone independently, which I had never done before. We stayed in actual undergraduate student accommodation, which helped me decide which type of accommodation I wanted to apply to live in as an undergraduate.

Every evening, there were opportunities to join in on fun activities such as movies, quizzes, and board games, which helped us make friends and get a taste of student life.

The academic sessions also helped me gain essential skills like independent study and teamwork, which I currently use in my undergraduate study. Study sessions delivered by lecturers and researchers, who taught us about their research, gave us a helpful insight into undergraduate study. Completing a self-reflection task at the end of the residential helped me realise that Bath was where I wanted to be. The programme helped me realise that I belong at Bath.

The student ambassadors were extremely useful as we could ask them many questions about studying at Bath and student life in general. The student ambassador I was assigned studied psychology, so it was an excellent opportunity for me to ask questions about applying to and studying psychology at Bath.

The most important aspect of the programme was the support I received when applying to university. Throughout the year and during the residential, we received support on the application process, including workshops to help us write personal statements. We also received support on understanding the UCAS process and student finance, scholarships and bursaries.

Posted in: Discover Bath residentials, Undergraduate

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