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The University campus offers many great spots for study, whether you want a more relaxed study session or need to start cramming for exams.


The Library stands at the heart of the university, both physically – with 'east' buildings to its east and 'west' buildings to its west – and figuratively, offering a range of valuable services such as printing, IT services, computing areas, and study spaces. The ground floor isn’t completely silent, so I often use it for group study sessions. Upstairs, there are silent study spaces which are great for last minute cramming sessions, or when I really need to concentrate. There are also computer rooms upstairs. Because the campus computers are pre-loaded with software, I’ve done most of my programming coursework on these – it’s a bit easier than installing the software yourself! The library's 24/7 accessibility throughout the year is a practical advantage, providing a reliable study space whenever I need it.

Management Building

The School of Management building is brand new, with multiple areas for study, inside and outside. It’s sleek and modern looking, with a café inside: it’s great to not have to leave to get a coffee or a bite to eat while studying. The outside area appeals to me as it overlooks some of campus’ greenery– it’s a refreshing change of scenery to study here!

Claverton Rooms

Claverton Rooms are a bit of a hidden gem. It’s a much cosier space for group and individual study, also in the centre of campus. The location and friendly vibe of the space makes it one of my favourite places on campus.

4W Café

Similarly to Claverton Rooms, 4W Café is another relatively central cozy corner of campus, but also has a great selection of hot drinks to choose from as well as seasonal ones. With the exception of lunchtime, it’s not too busy, so perfect for a short study session on campus.

Off-Campus Buildings

The University also owns off-campus study spaces, namely the Virgil Building in city centre and Dartmouth Avenue in Oldfield Park. The Virgil Building is very central, and is a great alternative to the library for when you’re in the city, or if you live in off-campus accommodation. Dartmouth Avenue is a bit more of a chill space, with areas not just for study, but for events and activities too.

Bookable Study Spaces

Occasionally I’ve needed to book my own space to study, for example if I have had to give a call, and thankfully there are spaces on campus where you can do this. Norwood House has a study space with individual rooms that you can book, and other areas such as the Library have group study rooms you can book, which I’ve booked to use for group projects.

This was not an exhaustive list! There are loads of great study spots and places to relax on campus, these were just a few of my favourites. Being anywhere on campus makes me feel both at ease enough that I don’t feel stressed, and productive enough to get some work done.

Posted in: Undergraduate

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