Why I Chose to Study Management with Marketing at Bath

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Choosing a course to do at university let alone picking a university to study at can be very overwhelming. For me, I knew that I had a passion for the marketing whilst studying business at A-Level, but I never imagined myself finding somewhere where I really wanted to study it. Whilst researching, I came across the University of Bath which instantly stood out for me. I was drawn to the fact that the course explored management aspects as well as just marketing, meaning I could broaden my marketing knowledge to other aspects of business. As well as this the course highlighted that there would be an opportunity for you to choose optional modules in the second and final year of the course which really appealed to me as it meant I could tailor my course to make it unique to my interests around the subject of marketing.

I am now in my second year of the course, and I thoroughly enjoyed the first year which was more management based as this helps to gain a basic understanding of the management world to ensure everyone gets the same basis of knowledge, so don’t worry if you don’t think you know much about some of the modules. Just to give you some examples of modules included in the first year there was Principles of Marketing, Accounting, Analytics, Business Context and more so there is a wide range of modules to suit everyone’s interests and gives you the opportunity to learn new things. All the lecturers are here to help you so there’s no need to be afraid of asking for help if you don’t understand anything, on top of this you have such a huge support system outside of your lecturers such as student experience officers and personal tutors who can help you with any general queries and point you in the right direction of who to talk to.

Whilst being at university is great and I am really enjoying the modules on offer so far I am most looking forward to my placement year in industry. This is quite common across most courses at Bath if you did want to take up this opportunity but there are also options for courses without placement if you feel that it isn’t for you. Having this course consist of having a placement really stood out for me as it is a great way to gain work experience in the industry you are passionate about which will help you in life after university when trying to find a job. A placement year can seem daunting but again there is a great deal of support around placements so there no need to fear them, you will be assigned officers who will take you through steps such as writing and perfecting CV’s and partaking in mock interviews to help prepare you as much as possible.

Although looking specifically at the course is really important, I only knew I wanted to come to Bath when I came to visit. The city in itself is absolutely breath-taking, and the campus university really appealed to me. Having everything in one place was really convenient, including my first-year accommodation which really helpful as it meant most students were in walking distance from each other making it easier to get to know people. I knew almost instantly that I wanted to study at Bath after my visit as everyone was so welcoming and it felt like the place for me.

Coming to university is such a big step and whilst choosing the correct course for you is really important I think the location and being happy where you are is ultimately what will make your university experience memorable and here at Bath they really do make you feel like you belong.

Posted in: School of Management, Undergraduate


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