VIP - Carers' Centre Carbon Reduction Journey - The Journey So Far - Part 3

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Hello everyone. Its Maksims and Ekene again. It's been around 2 months since we've last uploaded a blog post so we feel it’s a good time to update everyone on what's been happening these past couple months and the progress that’s been made.


VIP Consortium Innovation Competition

Around midway through March we were notified about a competition hosted by Georgia Tech for the VIP community. To participate, a 6 minute video submission was required explaining our VIP project for the International Innovation Competition. We found out about the event quite late, but we managed to register just before the deadline, which rewarded us with the task of producing the video in just over 2 weeks. Planning of the submission was swift and arrangements were made to record interviews with Jacqui Orchard, the CEO of the Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) Carers' Centre, and some local young carers to hear their perspective on what it means for them to be carers and how the Carers' Centre helps them in their day to day lives. With special thanks to Faye, Reem and Ekene, the video was completed to decent standard despite the short notice and nearby deadline.

Here is the video:


General Project Progress

After the arduous process of preparing questions and passing them through the University Research Ethics Committees and Review Body with continuous correspondence with the BANES Carers' Centre, our questionnaire was finally launched receiving numerous replies. The questionnaire covers various topics such as travel methods and distances to the carers' centre and the satisfaction of support for carers. This data will allow us to produce educated suggestions on ways to improve existing areas of support or propose new ways to further support BANES carers. We have also continued with our considerations for the potential installations of a ground/air-source heat pump and Solar Photovoltaic Panels by contacting local businesses with the goal of obtaining quotes to find out the potential costs of installations. We have received a few replies which required further correspondence, so we'll see where this goes.


EduFest  VIP Presentation Segment

Our VIP Consortium Competition video was shared in a brief presentation and Q&A segment, where different University of Bath (UoB) VIP groups shared their progress on their projects so fair. This was part of the end-of-semester EduFest 2024 ( and Teaching Conference held by the UoB Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) on the 14th of May, 2024. We had our Academic Lead, Brian Rutter, and Student Success Officer, Katie Gilham, attend the event with Ekene to answer questions about our project.

These are all the updates we have to share  for the time being. Thank you for reading.

Posted in: Vertically Integrated Projects

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