Technicians’ Conference Poster Session

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As the technical conference is now just over two months away, organisation for the event is starting to step up. The team are booking speakers, arranging rooms and catering and sourcing poster boards… all we need is some posters to put on them.

Please remember that this conference is being arranged for you, and you can get as much or as little out of it as you want, but we hope it will be the former!

Creating a poster is your opportunity to sell yourselves and let people see what it is you do and who you are. It will also brighten up the room.

Please get together with your work colleagues and draft a poster for this event.

In order to help you do this, and to realise it is not really that daunting a task, a poster writing / designing workshop has been organised on Wednesday 1 May, 1.30 to 4.00pm in 1W 2.104.

In this workshop we will run through:

  • what to put on (and what to leave off!)
  • colour schemes
  • designs for posters
  • sizes, shapes and how to arrange printing
  • anything else that may be playing on your mind (poster wise).

So join me for an informal, relaxed, fun session where we can discuss ideas for your poster design and what might look good.

Posted in: Events, Recognition, Technician Experiences

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